Tips For Preventing And Fixing Leaks

When we have a leak, it can be a scary thing.  Depending on the size of the leak we could be looking at a simple patch job and little to no cleanup all the way up to a major spill and massive amounts of man hours and resources to clean and repair the leak.  Before you find yourself in the middle of something you can’t fix consider preventing the problem with leak testing houston tx techniques that could save you in the long run.

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Look at and tighten connections

The most common leak will come from a loose or corroded connection between two pipes or tubes.  The first thing that you will want to do is look where the connections are made and make sure that everything is still tight.  If not, then try to tighten the connections again.  This may involve unscrewing the connections, looking for any corrosion and repairing or replacing the parts.  If this isn’t where your problem lies, then consider some of the other solutions.

Bends, kinks and cracks

Next to connections the next area you will find issues is with bends, kinks or cracks in your pipes or other structures.  As you use your equipment the weather, standard usage and general age will all cause your structures to degrade.  If this happens, look at replacing or repairing them to help prevent leaks.

If after doing everything and you still find a leak here are some tips that you can use to prevent a small leak from turning into a major issue.

Turn off the flow from the source

Whatever you have flowing through your pipes or tubes needs to be stopped at the source.  To do this turn off valves, switches and knobs that allow these substances to flow.  Once you stop the flow you can then do a visual inspection of where your leak was and begin assessing the damage and doing repairs.