Plague History Of Mosquito

The mosquito, as an ancient insect species, has a long history. But it is not famous. It is actually quite notorious. Let today’s mosquito control denton technicians fill you in about the history of this creature over a period of thousands of years. If they are worth their pound in flesh, these are things they already know. And as far as you are concerned, these are things you should know. You need them now.

No, not the mosquitoes, the pest control experts, specialists in handling the deadly mosquito species. But how are they so deadly dangerous? Recent history allows most informed readers to look no further than the malarial disease that mosquitoes are commonly notorious for. And you can forget the myth that malaria is only an African disease, much like AIDS was once referred to as a gay disease.

Because malaria is present on every continent in the world, including yours. Why do you think, those of you who have travelled know this well, there are those countries that insist that you are vaccinated against malaria before you enter their cities? That, by the way, is actually good news. Because as in the case of snake venoms, most public to private hospitals have vaccines ready to hand.

That’s in the event that you or a loved one, or an employee should ever get bitten by a mosquito and fall grievously ill. But the ancient history of the mosquito just goes to show just how vulnerable you all are today. Because listen to this. History has shown that mosquitoes have carried the dreaded Corona virus, now being referred to as COVID-19. And you wonder why they refer to it as a ‘novel virus’.

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Perhaps not now, but quite possibly in the future.