Tooth Extraction Preparation Tips

Preparing for a tooth extraction can provide some comfort for patients who aren’t happy about going in for this service. It is fairly simple, however, which should provide some comfort. Most patients are in and out of the office within an hour. Expect longer if you want to be fitted for partial dentures pleasant prairie at the same time, although it may be better to wait until a later time to handle this next step.

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Once you schedule a dental appointment, he’ll provide a consultation. He’ll take X-rays of the tooth at this time and perform an examination of your mouth. If he notices any infections or problems, he’ll provide an antibiotic to treat this. Alert the dentist of any medications that you take – over-the-counter medications and supplements too. You should be honest and open with the dentist.

If you have any medical conditions, let the dentist know. It is especially important for people with diabetes, heart disease, renal disease, damaged heart valves, artificial joints, hypertension, liver disease, etc. to tell the dentist of their medication condition since it can be impacted by a tooth extraction. Honesty and openness with the dentist keeps you completely safe when it is most important.

On the day of the tooth extraction, arrive a few minutes early. This provides time to complete paperwork and to familiarize yourself with the area for added comfort.  Bring along an iPod with your favorite music or even a book that you can read before the dentist calls you back for the appointment.

Wear comfortable clothing to the dentist appointment, preferably a short-sleeved t-shirt if you are getting an IV. Follow all of the care instructions the dentist provided, including that to avoid drinking and eating for six to eight hours before the scheduled appointment.